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Toll free: 800.501.0101

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Blood Bank and Transfusional Medicine

Máxima seguridad e higiene en procedimientos transfusionales.

Guarantee maximum safety and hygiene in any proceeding transfusion.

The Blood Bank is the service that samples, collects, preserves, applies and provides human blood which can only be obtained by voluntary donation, and analyzes and provides its components.


Blood is not a drug, cannot be produced, nor can be purchased or sell.

All the activities of Transfusion Medicine are approved by the Secretaría de Salud (Mexican Ministry of Health).

Our Blood Bank started providing service in September 1992, with a new proposal and becoming specialized in transfusion medicine studies.

The Médica Sur´s Blood Bank project aims to achieve integrated care donor, implement useful and effective technology that ensures safe blood and transfusion medicine to integrate the principles of safe transfusion and the development and monitoring haemovigilance program.

Today, the service of Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine is at the forefront of quality management systems in the world, being the first blood bank in Latin America to achieve accreditation under the standards NMX-EC-15 189-IMNC-2008 (ISO 15189:2007), applying the European Directives.

 Here are some strategies that have led the Médica Sur Blood Bank, such as private institution is to become an opinion leader in the field of Transfusion Medicine nongovernmental activities of quality management in the blood bank services and Clinical Research in Transfusion Medicine, also participated in various activities of continuing medical education.

Blood Donation

Blood is obtained from a healthy donor, may be relative, friend or acquaintance of the patient or the family (family donation) of a patient himself (autologous donation) and a healthy donor for those who need no matter for whom is (voluntary donation).

 Transfusion medicine studies offered by the Blood Bank:

  • Blood group ABO / RhD
  • Erythrocyte phenotypes of the Rh system and other systems.
  • Direct Coombs test.
  • Tracking of irregular antibodies.
  • Confirmation of hepatitis C virus by RIBA
  • Studies of screen reactive donors for transfusion-transmitted infectious diseases (human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, Chagas disease and syphilis).

 Transfusion Medicine Services:

  • Phlebotomies.
  • Collection of hematopoietic progenitor cells.
  • Collection of platelets by apheresis.
  • Plasma exchange
  • Study of maternal-fetal isoimmunization.
  • Leuco-reduction activities selectively.

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