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Physical therapy medicine

Recupera la motricidad de cualquier parte de tu cuerpo.


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Recover the capability of moving any part of your body, we offer specialized rehab for any fracture or serious injury.  In this unit you will find the professional help you are looking for.

Statistics at a national level report a high percentage of people with a disability which prevents them from incorporating to their education and their jobs.

Concerned by these results, The Physical Therapy and Rehab Unit, center focused on muscle-skeletal ailments from a neurological, movement, posture and orthopedic point of view, is committed to serve people who for some reason have a temporary or permanent disability.

Our goal is that every single of our patients obtain the best quality of life possible, helping them to be as independent as possible or in any other case, to take full advantage of their remaining capabilities at the end of the therapy.

For 7 years, we employ SONOCUR theraphy, a new treatment that works by extracorporeal shock waves (ESW) to treat chronic injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Additionally, we have laser equipment, electrotherapy equipment, therapeutic ultrasound, mechanotherapy area and occupational therapy area.

Learn more about the benefits you will get when treated in this unit. Contact us at: or visit our facilities located on the second floor of the North Tower. We will gladly answer all your questions.

Every part of our body is important and to maintain their optimal movement so they work together with each other is the goal of this unit.

We offer services for Upper Limbs Rehab (shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand), Lower Limbs Rehab (hip, thigh, knee, leg, ankle, and foot), Trunk of the Body Rehab (thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacral spine, pelvis, abdomen and chest), and Neck and Head Rehab (cervical spine, peripheral facial paralysis, and temporomandibular joint).

We also offer services for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (face, neck, trunk of the body, abdomen and limbs), Neurology (cerebral vascular event aftermath, abnormal psychomotor development, spinal cord injury, and peripheral nerve injury).

We also offer comprehensive services of Orthopedic Patient Rehab, Inpatient Rehab, Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (EST), and Neurological Patient Rehab.

In conclusion, to place your trust in Médica Sur therapists, you'll enjoy the benefit of fully trained professional staff, which is subject to continuing education programs, taught in and out of hospital.

Also, always at the forefront, we rely on technology as the shock wave therapy, a procedure that is only applied in our institution for seven years and recognized nationally and internationally.

We guarantee normal reintegration to your work and personal life after putting in the hands of our expert physicians.