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Health Care:

Short Stay Surgery Unit

Pronta recuperación y certeza de costos fijos.


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Médica Sur, hospital seguro

A high-tech health care facility: efficiency and high performance in procedures that allow patient discharge a few hours after surgery.

With short stay surgery, a surgical procedure can be perfomed, without the need to remain hospitalized: regardless of the type of anesthesia, the time spent at our facility is no longer than 24 hours.


We offer cutting edge surgical procedures with the quality and security you deserve. When treated at our unit, you have the advantage of having the greatest advances of modern medicine: new and state of the art medical practice, providing a real benefit for the patient.

Some of the advantages of short stay surgery are:

  •  Early recovery of the patient to resume their daily activities.
  •  Highest quality at reduced costs.
  •  Reduced exposure to anesthesia.
  • High safety standards that make possible surgical care with excellent results.

If the need of surgery, before deciding, go to our unit where the excellence and human touch that characterizes us, will help you determine whether the procedure for short-stay surgery is the most convenient for you. You'll need a specialist perform the assessment of your condition in order to recommend the most appropriate procedure.

Would you like to know more? Contact us at: contactanos@medicasur.org.mx or visit our facilities in Tlalpan. México City, México. We are located on the first floor of Tower II, North entrance.

Our mission is to provide the best cost-effective, quality surgical care for you.