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Health Care:

Neonatology Service

Cuidamos a tu bebé con calidez y excelencia médica.


Médica Sur te informa que todos los servicios médicos operan de manera regular.
No descuides tu salud ni abandones tu tratamiento.
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Médica Sur, hospital seguro

Our mission: provide care for your baby with a human touch and medical excellence

Specialized care for all babies who were born or transferred to our institution. We offer the best technology in the hands of a qualified team of neonatologists and nurses, providing the best care for your newborn, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


Preventing any complications that may arise, at Médica Sur Tlalpan, we provide the security and the human touch that your baby deserves.

The Neonatal Unit, provides immediate newborn care, our labor and delivery rooms are located next to the unit with direct communication. We have the best facilities with designated areas according to level of care: transition, well born nursery, intermediate and intensive care, and an isolated area for infected patients or those transferred from other hospitals. There is also an area for lactation, where mothers receive specialized instruction and are able to feed their babies or extract their milk, in a private and comfortable room.

Our staff includes certified neonatologists, neonatal fellows, registered nurses, and a lactation consultant. As a third level hospital we have the required supporting services such as respiratory care, blood bank, laboratory, and imagenology. We offer all our babies, metabolic and hearing screening, using the best and latest technology.

Whether your baby requires the well born routine care or the complex, intensive therapy,  rest assured that he or she will  always receive the best treatment with the standards of quality with a human touch that your baby deserves.