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Foot and Anckle:

Truths and Myths

1. Myth: If you cut your nail in a “V” shape, it will reduce its tendency to bend down.
    Truth: Cutting a “V” does not affect the growth of the toenail. The new nail will keep growing downwards. 

2.Myth: Repeatedly cutting the nail edges is a good way to treat incarnated toenails.
    Truth: Repeatedly curring the nails does not correct future nail growth and may even worsen the disease.

3.Myth: If you put cotton under the nail will relieve the pain.
   Truth: To put cotton under the nail may be harmful. Bacteria may live in the cotton and stimulate an infection.

4.Myth: You can buy effective treatments for incarnated toenails in a pharmacy.
   Truth: Over the counter topical medications may eliminate pain, but they don’t solve the underlaying problem.