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Magnetic Resonance:


The MRI equipment we use in our unit is listed as one of the best worldwide. Therefore, rest assured that Medica Sur Hospital will provide you with safe and effective results.

The amount of energy circulating in an MRI system, is measured in gauss and teslas. A gauss equals the power of gravity on Earth and a tesla, to 10,000 gauss or 10,000 times the Earth's electromagnetic field.

The magnet, according to the equipment at hand, can vary in power from 0.35 to 3 Tesla which is equivalent of 3.5 to 30,000 times the Earth's magnetic field, depending. The Tesla 6 magnets are still in experimentation.

The unit is within a room lined with copper in order to avoid any interference of radio wave frequency that might come from the outside. This is known as a Faraday cage.

Although the magnet is the heart of the system, it is enclosed in a plastic cube. Electromagnetic ferrous materials are not to be in the room, as credit cards, watches and phones can become damaged. Larger objects like tripods, infusion pumps and monitors could cause accidents because of the great magnetic attraction, even when studies are not taking place, as some magnets generate an active static magnetic field even while the magnet is engaged and the others remain off. The higher the Tesla power, the greater the magnetism exerted by said machine.

Electromagnetism also generates a lot of heat, so these devices have cooling systems. The process raises the temperature up to +289 ° Celsius. So that the superconducting magnet does not overheat, the magnet wire is covered with a super-cooled sheath, which cools the system to -269 ° C, in order to counteract the heat and provide the patient with a normal temperature. Cooling is achieved through pipes, which introduce special substances known as cryogenic refrigerant, which may be helium or liquid nitrogen.

Other Technologies

  • 1.5 Tesla magnet, "ECHO SPEED III EXCITE HD 2007 and 3.0 Tesla magnet," ECHO IV EXCITE HDx SPEED 2007. These General Electric technologies have the latest generation hardware and software with gradients that provide the highest definition and speed, allowing for better diagnosis.
  • UPS. Protects the Magnetos and their peripheral elements from continuous power outages.
  • Two Laser Printers and two Sony heat printers. These operate without chemicals, take up little space and have a low failure rate.
  • Two pieces of Radwork equipment. Amplify and manipulate the images for better analysis and observation, making diagnosis more reliable.
  • Report Card Console. works solely on analysis of studies of the heart.
  • Two Rolloscopes. They have a capacity of 400 sheets each and automatic rotation.
  • Four stretchers. They adapt to the magneto, which speeds up the handling and preparation of the next patient.
  • Codonics Copier. Allows studies to be delivered in color, printed on paper, cardboard and / or acetates of different sizes.
  • Entertainment. During the study, the patient can watch TV, videos, or listen to music.
  • Database. Saves all studies on an optical disc.
  • Camilla InSightec, ExAblate 2000. Contains a focus system, which addresses the problems and symptoms of fibroids and miomas, problems found in women.

New facilities

The Magnetic Resonance Unit has the Excite HDx 1.5 Tesla magnets and Exicite HDxt 3.0 Tesla. The latter allows more reliable and accurate diagnostics. It is the ultimate for private hospitals in Mexico.

Both magnetos use the "Advantage Windows" program for precision analysis, two laser printers, a thermal printer of the latest design and an entertainment system.
The "Blue Room" is used for the interpretation of studies. The ambient blue tones, combined with amber light, provide the ideal environment for radiologists’ concentration during this process.

For the convenience of the patients, the dressing rooms, restrooms, waiting room and reception all have been remolded, and a new access area has been opened connecting the unit with the reception of Oncology.