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Elderly People, Golden Age:

Terapia ocupacional

Actividades de fisioterapia encaminadas a activar y rehabilitar al adulto mayor.

Physical therapy in the elderly patient is the cornerstone for treatment in most of these diseases; on it depends on many occasions the patient's independence and also many costs resulting from physical deconditioning.

We often have the misconception that in order to improve the person's health, he/shemust remain immobilized, i.e. to stay in bed, not knowing that sometimes this even leads to serious complications.

We have the facilities for physiotherapy and rehabilitation service for elderly patient support, with trained and specialized personnel to deal with the complications of this age group.

Our service includes: Musculo-skeletal specialized rehab physician of the Médica Sur's Rehabilitation Center, SONOCUR Technology, social integration activities appropriate to the degree of cognitive impairment: Evaluation of architectural barriers at home and comprehensive home services.