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Elderly People, Golden Age:

Comprehensive geriatric assessment

A comprehensive study focused on diseases of aging

First time assesment. This includes: geriatric assessment, laboratory tests and x-rays, focused on the pathologies arising from 65 years.

Geriatric assesment. This type of assessment includes an evaluation of the most important factors in aging: Clinical history and complete examination; Detailed assessment of memory, mood, functionality, walking and balance. These are performed by using special measuring scales.

It also includes evaluation of the musculoskeletal system for rehabilitation, nutritional assessment scales focused on the elderly, audiometry, evaluation by an otolaryngologist, complete ophthalmologic examination with intraocular pressure test and a dental panoramic radiograph evaluation.

Laboratory studies and Cabinet. Studies are conducted clinical laboratory (blood count, glucose, BUN, uric acid, lipid profile C-reactive protein, liver function profile, serum electrolytes, thyroid stimulating hormone, etc..), imaging (chest radiograph , pelvic ultrasound, mammography), densitometry of the forearm and resting electrocardiogram.

All these studies are performed by geriatricians, nutritionists, rehabilitation specialists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, and dentists.