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Servicios de Salud
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Health Care:


Estudios de imagen para diagnósticos claros y confiables.


Médica Sur te informa que todos los servicios médicos operan de manera regular.
No descuides tu salud ni abandones tu tratamiento.
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Médica Sur, hospital seguro

Complying with high standards, our staff gives clear and reliable diagnosis.

Supported by the newest technology, and always in conjunction with a medical group, we offer imaging for early detection of injuries and ailments, all with the warmth and efficiency that supports each of our services.

For your comfort and always looking to provide comprehensive care, we have the service of Radiology and Imaging in all our facilities: Médica Sur Tlalpan, Médica Sur Lomas and Médica Sur Clinic (Polanco and Pedregal)

At the Médica Sur Tlalpan Radiology and Imaging unit, we are committed to provide excellent services to our patients, for this we have the latest technological advances that allow us to offer a wide range of imaging studies between those who are : stereotactic biopsy in prone table, virtual colonoscopy, color Doppler, chest computed tomography, cerebellopontine angle, head and neck CT, hemodynamics, digital mammography, portable x-ray, computed tomography dual (TCD), positron emission tomography (PET-CT), 3D and 4D ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis.

At Médica Sur Lomas, we offer women the most advanced technology in studies for the timely detection and monitoring of different diseases: mammography, which allows image quality to get more accurate diagnoses, plain radiography and ultrasound in 3D and 4D.

Led by highly trained personnel and guided by strict codes of ethics, at Médica Sur Clinic, we have an assistant department that offers a wide range of imaging studies for early detection of injuries and illnesses: X-ray mammography and 3D ultrasound.

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