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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Tecnología innovadora que permite minimizar el daño de tejidos

Safe and reliable surgical procedures using innovative technology that minimizes tissue damage and have better results than conventional surgery. Medica Sur Hospital is a step ahead in minimally invasive surgeries.

Surgeries in any form usually involve damage to the structure of the body, in order to heal, remove or reconstruct tissue or organs. This manipulation, although necessary, results in pain, swelling, disability or scarring, which in many cases, the patient is unable to tolerate or may have long lasting repercussions.

Minimally invasive surgery is an alternative to open surgery that has become a major therapeutic advance, which also reduces the costs associated with prolonged or, on occasion, unnecessary hospital stays and use of major surgical equipment. This allows for greater patient comfort and satisfaction. Therefore, physicians have taken on the task of improving surgical procedures with the help of different technological equipment, which helps prevent damage. Physicians carry out these procedures through small incisions, which are becoming smaller as technology advances having the following advantages:

Less pain after surgery: Allows patients to get up and walk within hours of surgery.

Short hospital stays: if there are no complications, the patient may be kept from one to three days at home and continue there convalescence.

Lower rate of infection: internal body tissues are not exposed to ambient air, in contrast to open surgery. In addition, video-magnification allows a more accurate and delicate procedure, protecting vital organs.

Reintegration to normal activity: To be able to return to everyday life at work and at home quickly given that these procedures are less invasive.

Improving the aesthetic result: the scars are smaller and less visible.

Some of the specialties where we are getting great results with this type of surgery are obesity surgery, ophthalmic, cell therapy, orthopedics, and colorectal surgery, among others.

The techniques used are endoscopy and laparoscopy, which are those that avoid large surgical wounds. They are also of great diagnostic and therapeutic help, maintaining maximum integrity of the tissues.

Laparoscopic surgery or minimally invasive surgery represents one of the advances of modern technology and is closely related to the technical-surgical procedures currently performed to confirm a diagnosis, with minimal invasion of the abdominal cavity under direct observation.

Surgeons are increasingly performing laparoscopy for diagnosis and treatment in patients with various diseases, both abdominal and any other anatomic region of the human body. This means that physicians of all surgical specialties, whatever they may be, are able to tend their patients with minimal invasion. Through the years these procedures have proven to be less disturbing, more secure and allow the patient a speedy recovery and return to their activities.


This allows Medica Sur Hospital to provide first-class care.

More information on Endoscopy and Laparoscopy

Medica Sur Hospital in its effort to provide patients with quality health care services and state-of-the-art technology, has an Endoscopy Unit. It has a group of renowned specialists, most of whom have been trained abroad at world class institutions in the field of endoscopy.

This unit carries out gastrointestinal and upper airway endoscopy procedures for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes and both for children and adults. The physical area is 450m2 and is located on the first floor of the building annex to the hospital tower.

With regard to the equipment used, it has four last generation video endoscopic towers with high definition imaging (HDI) and narrow band imaging technology (NBI). It also has magnifying equipment to be used in particular selected cases, as well as endoscopic ultrasound both radial and linear and single-ball enteroscopy.


With regard to complementary equipment and accessories, there is an argon plasma unit, bipolar probe, hemoclips, hydrostatic and rigid balloons and all the necessary supplies for the performance of colangiopancreatographies, polypectomies, and several other therapeutic procedures.

The Endoscopy Unit at Medica Sur applies the strictest standards regarding the handling washing and disinfection of equipments to guarantee the safety of patients.

If you require more information we invite you to inquire about our services in the Department of Surgery, located on the fourth floor of the Inpatient Tower, in our Medica Sur Hospital Tlalpan facilities, or write to: contactanos@medicasur.org.mx