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Anestesiólogos especialistas realizando procedimientos quirúrgicos seguros.

In Medica Sur Hospital we are equipped with specialized anesthesiologists and are prepared for the proper administration of anesthesia – local, regional or general, required for a safe surgical procedures.

The type of anesthesia that the doctor decides to use will depend on many factors; the most important is related primarily to the type of surgery to be performed and the current health status of the patient.

Sedation by anesthesia for surgical procedures is a controlled medical procedure in which drugs are used to block the sensation of pain for the patient, either in a localized part or the whole body with or without involvement of consciousness.

Anesthesia is divided into three main categories, all of which affect the nervous system in one way or another and can be managed using different methods and different medications. The main features of each are:


Local Anesthesia: With this type of anesthesia the person could be awake or sedated, depending on what is needed. Local anesthesia is of short duration and is often used in minor outpatient procedures.

Regional Anesthesia: This is injected near a very specific group of nerves that numb a larger area of ​​the body, such as epidural anesthesia, which is given during childbirth. This type of anesthesia helps the patient feel better during and after a surgical procedure. Without a doubt, the anesthesiologist is trained and has all the experience to perform this procedure. They must provide full disclosure to the satisfaction of the patient about the procedure and why it has been determined appropriate for the surgery.

General Anesthesia: The purpose of this is to have the patient to remain unconscious during surgery. As it is a general procedure in which the entire body is asleep, the anesthesiologist must be present before, during and after the operation to oversee the administration of the anesthetic.

The type and amount of anesthesia given to the patient will be specially tailored to their needs and will depend on factors such as type of surgery, body part involved, the duration of the procedure, diseases or medical conditions that the patient suffers, allergies, previous reactions to anesthesia, medications being taken, age, height and weight.

In Medica Sur Hospital we are equipped with anesthesiologists specialized in perioperative Medicine who consider all the factors and options available to make a decision based on individual needs in order to provide security, reliability and excellence in all types of surgery.