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Portable X-rays

Comodidad para el paciente. Se realizan desde su cama o en la sala de urgencias

These rays use electronic sensors sensitive to X rays, which are connected to a computer, creating a radiological image snapshot that will be displayed directly on the monitor.

X rays help doctors diagnose and monitor the response to treatment of diseases, through a small dose of ionizing radiation that can produce images of bone or the inside the body.

Its advantages are that it is a fully computerized system connected to a computer, which gives a better image quality, easier to see abnormalities in more detail, also has the ability to save images with patient data, avoiding a physical file of radiographs.

The quality and sharpness of images in digital radiography is excellent, allowing you to obtain copies of these and send them via a network or email to your doctor for study.

Once the physician has the study in his hands, he can begin to diagnose different diseases in the skull, spine, chest, abdomen and injuries, detect pneumonia, heart failure or emphysema. In orthopedics, with studies in hand, things that can be determined whether a bone has been fractured or if there is a dislocation, and ensures that a fracture has been set properly for healing after treatment.