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Digital mammography

Detección oportuna del cáncer, áreas anormales o calcificación

Obtain and accurate and professional diagnosis, according to your type and level of illness through our Radiology unit.

This is the primary method for early detection of breast cancer or any benign disease, via annual exams. This study records X-ray images in computer code and sends them to CAD for interpretation.

Digital mammography allows the radiologist to review the electronic images of the breast through special high resolution monitors, adjusting the light, changing the contrast and approximating the image to see close specific areas of interest.

It can detect palpable breast cancer and non-palpable abnormalities such as pain, nipple discharge or a change in the size or shape of the breast even with the presence of implants.

Different types of mammogram are divided as follows: Digital Galactography, a procedure that is performed when there is bleeding from the nipple and the cause has not been able to be determined by other methods. With prior local anesthesia, a dye is introduced though the blood canals to draw the milk duct and identify any anatomical abnormalities that explain the reason for consultation.

Marking Exam, It consists of preoperative localization of a node, which is set in the suspected area by ultrasound or stereotactic guidance. This procedure is done primarily in non-palpable lesions as a guide for surgical biopsy.

Breast Ultrasound, complementary method to mammography, which is used to study suspected mammographic regions of clinical suspicion, make a more specific diagnosis, and to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the patient. It does not use radiation, but sound frequencies that are reflected in different tissues, leading to a better image for evaluation.

This service can be found at Médica Sur Tlalpan in the Radiology and Imaging Unit; along with the latest technology for conducting this study.