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Color doppler ultrasound

Permite revisar los sistemas venosos de las piernas y muslos

This is a test to check the venous systems of the legs and thighs, geared specifically for the detection of venous insufficiency.

The study does not expose the patient to radiation; it is performed in approximately 1 hour and a half when performed on both legs.

The patient is benefited with a complete review of the lower extremities from groin to the calves, to rule out the existence of a thrombus inside the veins; special maneuvers such as manual compression of the leg and the Valsalva maneuver (pushing at certain times), which facilitates the assessment of blood flow dynamics within the different venous segments.

Venous insufficiency is characterized by the presence of varicose veins of varying size in the thighs, calves or legs, thin veins in the skin, pain in the vein trajectory, and diffused pain, evening swelling, sensation of heaviness and fatigue in legs and ankles.