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Dual computed tomography (DCT)

Vistas en diferentes planos de un órgano que proporciona más detalles

When knowing the internal anatomy of the body with precision is a critical element in the diagnosis, this is your best option.

Dual computed tomography is the diagnostic imaging medium that is the most modern, safe and fast, offering clearer images with less contrast medium dose, and at a rate two times higher than conventional tomography, which decreases exposure to radiation by 50%.

It is a method that creates cross-sectional images of the body, allowing for quick viewing in only one third of a second. The double positron-emitting double-detector system (dual), along with three-dimensional image reconstruction, improves the pre-surgical evaluation and the management of tumors with vascular invasion.

The advantage of this procedure is that it allows views at different levels of an organ or structure, which provides more details.

The main benefits are non-invasive diagnosis of through a heart scan, allowing blood vessels to be studied, identifies masses and tumors, to detect the density of the injury, if it is a solid tumor or filled with fluid.

Furthermore, its excellent resolution and high definition allows for the study of a myriad of diseases: traumatic, metabolic, cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, cancer, infectious and inflammatory diseases.

Its application in cardiology can record every heart beat with as much detailed vascular imaging applying half the dose of radiation. It also allows for the study of the coronary arteries and stents (tiny mesh tubes that are placed inside steel coronary artery to keep the vessel dilated) after placement.

The application in Neurology can aid in the diagnosis of cerebral vascular occlusion allowing direct and simultaneous removal of blood vessels or bone, isolating adjacent tissues. Meanwhile, the application of a general CT is focused on the study of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and for the exploration of diseases of head, neck, thoracoabdominal trauma and tumors.

.The application of the (DCT) in the ER, consists of an exam that assesses three of the most common causes of chest pain: pulmonary embolism, heart disease and aortic dissection giving an immediate diagnosis in patients with trauma, acute abdominal and chest pain.

This service is available at our facility in Médica Sur Tlalpan, through the Unit of Radiology and Imaging.

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