El uso de cubrebocas es obligatorio durante tu estancia en el hospital

¡Seguimos cuidando tu salud! Recuerda: el uso de cubrebocas es obligatorio durante tu estancia en el hospital; con esto evitamos la propagación de enfermedades respiratorias.

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Preventing Injuries:

Problems of poor posture

You should assess if your posture in front of the desk is right, assessing how tired you are after sitting for a long time. Also notice if there is neck, shoulders, or lower back pain, or if you feel heaviness in the neck and shoulders.

If any of these symptoms, change positions several times while working, do neck exercises, check that the furniture are appropriate for your height and activity, place your feet on a stool so that your knees are above your hip and make sure your work area is adequate.

For a good posture in front of a computer, the display should be placed at a height such that your sight is in the middle of the screen without having to move your head, the keyboard in front of your chest, leaving your hands slightly to your side and directly above the keyboard without raising or lowering your shoulders. Finally, access to your computer should be comfortable, avoiding tension or poor postures.

Some of the problems associated with neck pain are hyperlordosis which is to increase the curvature of the lumbar spine and tension headache, poor posture while working that may increase tension on neck and shoulder muscles, causing headache.