El uso de cubrebocas es obligatorio durante tu estancia en el hospital

¡Seguimos cuidando tu salud! Recuerda: el uso de cubrebocas es obligatorio durante tu estancia en el hospital; con esto evitamos la propagación de enfermedades respiratorias.

Servicios de Salud

In Mexico, one of four children is overweight or obese. If this problem is not corrected, it will impact on the quality and life expectancy of each of them in a near future.

Child Obesity is caused by several factors that tend to merge as lack of physical activity, inadequate eating patterns, , genetic factors, emotional or psychiatric issues. Both the diagnosis and treatment should be based on a integral approach.

It is better to act in time

Medica Sur is the only institution in Mexico, with a specialized area in Child and Adolescent Obesity, which is composed of pediatricians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists who practice in an individual or family way.

In all cases, we start with an integral diagnosis of your child´s condition; we analyze it in an interdisciplinary way, then we plan and follow treatment.


  • It focuses on the entire family as the basic unit of support for the child or adolescent.
  • It is adapted to the child age and abilities.
  • Teaches how to eat with methods and realistic goals.
  • Encourage physical activity.
  • Discard through accurate diagnosis, physical illness or obesity complications.
  • Attends psychological problems and / or psychiatric symptoms.
  • After establishing a maintenance program that prevents the child from regaining lost weight.

Our treatments include city airport transportation - Medica Sur Holiday Inn Hotel – City Airport, and a special fare for patient residence with two companions in a double room.

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