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Toll free: 800.501.0101

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Virtual colonoscopy

Sin sedación, no invasivo. Reanude sus actividades de inmediato

This is a colon examination by multi-slice computed tomography, that by using information from special software it allows to recreate tubular images of the colon and examine its inner wall.

The procedure consists as of the following: once the colon is insufflated with air two tomographic sweeps are performed, each only 7 seconds. This test can be performed in patients who have anticoagulation, high anesthetic risk, heart or lung disease. 

The main advantage of using this device is it does not require sedation of the patient and they can resume activities immediately. As for benefits, it should be noted that a study is not invasive; no sedation is required, is performed quickly, is highly tolerable and shows high sensitivity for early diagnosis of colon cancer in patients with family history of colon polyps.

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