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Neonatology Service:

Newborn hearing screening

The best equipment for the diagnosis of hearing infants, fast and reliable

It is known that for every 1000 new babies born, 3 of them will be born deaf. It is because of this that the hearing screening is one of the most important accomplishments of the Neonatology service. Upon successful screening, the newborn can develop all of it’s genetic potential and have a life with full of possibilities in their home environment.

Since April 1, 2010 we count with the best auditory diagnosis equipment for newborns. This test is comfortable, trustworthy and reliable and done in about 10 minutes.

In Mexico there are four thousand babies born deaf each year. With an early diagnosis your baby will be allowed to grow and lead a normal life.

The Newborn Hearing Screening is an easy and quick test that without causing any pain or discomfort to the newborn, will allow us to detect the presence of any hearing impairment in newborns. Because of this the Newborn hearing screening is one of the most important service achievements in the Neonatal service. Knowing the auditory state of a baby in time, whether it is normal or with some degree of deafness, will allow us to develop its genetic potential in life with more possibilities in it’s social and home environment.

For those that have decided to put the birth of your child in our hands, we offer this test since April 1, 2010, performed with the best newborn hearing diagnostic equipment. The effectiveness of this test is greater if done in the first hours after birth, which is why it’s only performed on newborns in Médica Sur.

This test is comfortable, trustworthy, and reliable and can be done in 10 minutes. Will your baby be born in Médica Sur? Ask for more information in Neonatal Services.