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Physical therapy medicine:

Patellar Tendinitis

It is the swelling of the patellar or quadriceps tendon, front muscles on the leg, which consists of four parts and extends to the knee.

There are several causes. Among the most common are when the patella are when the patella is elevated higher than normal, there was no development in the medial quadriceps, thighs lacked flexibility, practicing sports in which there’s a lot of jumping, direct trauma without suitable treatment and muscle fatigue.

You might have this condition if there is pain in the bottom of the kneecap, if there is swelling of the tendon, if the pain is lessened with the movement of the knee, if there is pain when running, jumping or going up or  down stairs.

Tendinitis has four phases with different symptoms each:

PHASE I: Pain that is present after exercise.
PHASE II: Pain that is present before exercise that disappears during physical activity and reappears after finishing.
PHASE III: Pain that is present before, during and after exercise. There is a functional limitation.
PHASE IV: Tendon rupture.

Consequences are that due to muscle overuse, this creates small repetitive stretches that weaken the tendon, causing micro-breaks that will never heal or swelling so severe that could cause total tear.

Therefore, the suggested treatment options are medications, physical therapy, extracorporeal shockwave (SONOCUR) therapy and surgery, as required.

Also, the patient is advised: to have a general fitness program that includes stretching, strengthening and conditioning; avoiding overtraining that may cause pain or fatigue, reducing physical activity, and most importantly, consulting a physician specialist in Orthopedics, Traumatology and/or Sports Medicine.