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Laboratorio de Patología Clínica

Reliability on the tests and accuracy on the results, is what you will get by coming to any of our laboratories.

Currently, a clinical laboratory is essential for high-tech and scientific medicine. Its main function is to obtain information through analytical procedures in human biological samples, which will be used by the physician for diagnosis, treatment evaluation or prognosis of a disease.

The laboratory does not replace, but complements the role of the physician and it is this, who should request for laboratory tests as necessary, in accordance with the clinical diagnosis, and the physician also interprets the results, as laboratory tests are meaningless without medical assessment.

The Clinical Pathology Laboratory was established to serve patients and physicians of the Médica Sur Complex, associated hospitals and clinics, other laboratories, medical groups, pharmaceutical companies, companies and the general public who need this service.

Physicians at your service
 Responsible of the area: M.D. José Pérez Jáuregui.

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Telephone  54247200  Exts. 6805, 6806, 6807 and 7226.