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Highly Specialized Surgery

Atención quirúrgica específica en diversas subespecialidades

Specialized surgeons that provide specific surgical care and are trained in various subspecialties with highly specialized postgraduate training such as transplant surgery, laparoscopic surgery and endocrine surgery, among others. Medica Sur has experience in innovative and safe surgical procedures.

Highly specialized surgical procedures are performed by physicians who received specific training in their subspecialty or highly specialized postgraduate training to tackle complicated pathological conditions that require greater surgical precision. This training has provided these specialized surgeons with the skills necessary to minimize the complications of surgery.

Highly specialized surgery has adopted the technology available to minimize damage and improve the outcome for the patient and is performed in hospitals considered highly specialized such as Medica Sur.

Medica Sur Hospital is an advanced center with various areas of expertise and we are known for our vast experience in the field and the group of medical specialists that collaborate in our institution, to form a comprehensive hospital. Medica Sur hospital is not just a hospital with equipment, but also one of highly specialized Doctors, focused on effective service for their patients.

The specialists combine their medical expertise with academic research and use of the latest technology, which has allowed them to improve already established surgical techniques and create new ones, both for diagnosis and the treatment of various problems. This enables the Medica Sur group of physicians to be one of the most recognized and developed teams, nationally and internationally.

If you require more information we invite you to inquire about our services in the Department of Surgery, located on the fourth floor of the Inpatient Tower, in our Medica Sur Hospital Tlalpan facilities, or write to: contactanos@medicasur.org.mx .